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On July 2-12, 41st Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee is held in Krakow. Especially for the plenary sessions of the congress we built a 100m2 LED screen.

There are 130 official delegations in the 11-day event, and more than 3,000 guests from over 190 countries attended the event. The organizer is the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, with the support of the National Institute of Heritage, and the direct host of the ICE Convention Center Krakow. For ICE this is the longest congress in history – it holds a numer of 35 events.

Visualsupport is responsible for the multimedia implementation of the event. At the time of this prestigious congress ICE auditorium was equipped by Visualsupport in the massive LED Unilumin UPAD III P2.6 with an area of 100m2 and a resolution of over 4K (5760x2112). The multimedia installation is supported by Barco E2 and 6 Novastar 4K processors.