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Multimedia animations and spectacular special effects, fire theater, light and laser shows, pyrotechnics, music, singing and live dancing – these are some of the elements that create TAURON's exclusive Alchemy of Light show. The audience, who will  attend the show on September 15th, will have a lively and emotional evening.


After success of Alchemy of Light in Wroclaw and Krakow, nowi t is time for Katowice. After an unforgettable last year's show in front of the National Music Forum and the Wawel Royal Court Courtyard in 2015, the audience of Alchemy of Light will see a completely new release of the show. using various forms of light we will tell another fascinating story. This time, the historic building of Śląski Urząd Wojewódzki, will become an arena of elemental struggles that will present a unique story of the nature of creation, the spiritual matter that is the primary energy of our world.


The building in Katowice will become an arena for the presentation of modern visual techniques. Music and live-action performances will be interspersed with original animations and light shows, creating a modern and surprising  version of the well-known urban space. There will be over 70 artists from different disciplines. You will be able to admire, acrobats and dancers from Art Color Ballet in the choreography of Agnieszka Glińska, musicians and vocalists, for example: Motion Trio, Jelonek, Dominica Barabas or Agnieszka Kupiszewska, and the creators of light, fire theater and laser show.


Spectators of this year's Alchemy of Light await a real vivacious journey: the spirits of Water, Earth, Air and Fire combined in energetic dance, nature in their expressive dimension and the mythical, creation of the universe. The building of the Urząd Wojewódzki will transform into the Elemental Fortress, inhabited by the spirits of the natural world, which, through collaboration, form the most important element - the Energy. During this unique multimedia show, the creators will discover the completely new, surprising image of this famous Silesian space.


Alchemy of Light, organized by TAURON Distribution, is an unique multi-media spectacle combining modern visual arts: 3D mapping, light show, laser and pyrotechnics, music, singing and dancing and a variety of theater forms. High-end multimedia projectors, multifaceted animations and top-quality surround sound will be used to create this unique artistic show.


Patrons of this year's Alchemy of Light: Silesian Governor and the President of Katowice. Visualproduction is responsible for the production of the show.



More information: www.alchemiaswiatla.pl