Light Move Festival 2015

The Light Move Festival, or the “Kinetic Art Festival of Light”, is the showcase of the new value of city lights in Lodz. Once again Łódź shone with thousand of colors due to this unique event.

Visuallsupport on the LMF presented two 3D mappings: “Song of Light” and “EC1 OdNova”.

EC1 is the oldest power station in Łódź, which returned to life as a cultural and artistic space. The façade of the building allowed us to let go our imagination – thanks to 3D technology we have showed a full spectrum of the present possibilities of the complex: the planetarium, the center of film art and the sound theater.

The theme of the creation was unlimited power, which brings together what is valuable in Lodz – the rich history and contemporary energy of the people living here.

Event: Light Move Festival 2015

Organizer: LuxProMonumentis

Time and venue: 9-11 October 2015, Łódź

Building: Powerhouse EC1

Artists: Sławek Fąfara, Robert Słowik, Wojtek Brzozowski, Krzysztof Madej