MMA Attack 2

Nearly 6-hour event, of which more than 4 hours of live realization on POLSAT. The second MMA ATTACK gala in Spodek Katowice with the Visualsupport team, which was responsible for the direction and multimedia setting of the show.
Apart from our players: Magda, Michał, Damian, Adaś, Łukasz and Tomek, the debut was made by the newest members of our team: Diventix II, Orchestra 50 and OPS200.

Event: MMA Attack 2 Gala
Client: MMA Attack
Agency: VGC
Date and venue: April 2012, Spodek – Katowice
Multimedia direction: Magdalena Groblicka
Multimedia implementation: Michał Płócienniak, Adam Tabak