Sacrum Profanum w Łodzi

The spectacular 3D video mapping on the facade of the Holy Spirit Church in Lodz with the company of the distinguished sounds of the organ Toccata in D-minor by Johann Sebastian Bach made the audience dizzy! The kaleidoscope of colors and shapes totally changed the gray block of the building delighting the crowds present for the three October’s nights at Freedom Square. We wish it could stay that way forever!

Damian Bogusiak
Half of the vj musical collective called Hurden Husket, one of the pioneers of vj art in Poland. The winner of the Polish VJ Championships and Videozone Contest. Together  with the winner of several Yach Awards – cartoonist Luke Rusinek – works with a team of Paprika Korps band, creating visuals for live acts.

Sebastian Jachimowicz
He created visuals for many artistic events such as New Horizons Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival, Unsound Festival and OFF Festival. He has been working in the field of live act visuals for 10 years. As an artist he likes to go far beyond the content, symmetry and equal divisions. He would like to make the vj art be the regular element of the museums’ and art galleries’ collections.

Client: LuxProMonumentis

Project: LightMoveFestival 2013

The time and place of implementation: October 2013, Lodz

Building:  the Holy Spirit Church in Lodz

Music: Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach

Sound Design: Marcin Kwazzar Cisło

Production & Post Production: Visualsupport under the artistic direction of Sebastian Jachimowicz and Damian Bogusiak