Weekend of Good Energy – Opole

Weekend of Good Energy is a two-day city feast sponsored by Tauron Dystrybucja, in collaboration with Opole city.

In addittion to all day attractions (location-based game, outdoor cinema, games for all family), we offered Opole’s citizens a range of interactive and visual ventures, such as a light play area (laser harp, laser computer game on the City Hall wall and light painting) and illuminations: unique kaleidoscope of colors displayed on the tenements of the Market Square.

The main event of the evening was mapping – an interactive audiovisual show co-created live by its participants. This innovative project combined rythm, sound, image and movement which become unique visual and musical spectacle.

Interactive mapping included:

5 positions based on modern interactive technologies.

11 well-known and popular music tracks that are divided into 6 components that can be played in 66 different ways.

12 different mapping animations with 4 additional mapping effects, creating 48 original visual compositions.

In addition, 20 colorful images, which animate the facade of City Hall. Each of them could be used in 4 different ways – giving a total numer of 80 possible combinations of visual and musical performance created by the participants.

Event: Weekend of Good Energy

Client: Tauron Distribution

Date and place: 20-21 May, Opole

Mapping: Olga Balowska

Production: Magdalena Groblicka, Piotr Kucharski

Multimedia implementation: Łukasz Borkowski