A weekend full of light in Jaworzno

Fancy light installations in the Zielona Park, colorful architectural illuminations of tenements in the Market Square and fabulous multimedia projections are just some of the attractions we have prepared for Tauron in Jaworzno, on the last days of holidays – August 31 and September 1, 2018 .

The weekend full of light was opened by the spectacular TAURON Night Biking. Both on Friday and Saturday evening, Jaworzno appeared to residents in a completely new version. A surprising metamorphosis survived Park Zielona, ​​where after dark around the park trees enlivened with colors, intriguing surrealistic light sculptures appeared. Lawns grew huge luminous mushrooms, among the crowns of the trees lived blue jellyfish, among the alleys you could meet m.in. neon cats, flickering dragonflies and mirror creatures.

The tenements surrounding the Market Square took on new garments, burning up after a dusk of colors. One of the main points of the evening program was a mapping show on the facade of the Museum of the City of Jaworzno.

The program of Saturday attractions began from the morning with an exclusive visit to the Power Station. From the morning, there were also games and workshops for the youngest ones. In the magenta tents in the Market, children and teenagers learned how to get electricity from fruits and vegetables, how to produce lightning by hand on an electrostatic machine, how to build a simple electric circuit and learn many secrets of electricity in a fun and friendly way.

At noon, the first family city game in the history of the city took off, in which Scientific Repair Teams set out to help residents of the Land of Good Energy, where everything suddenly … broke down. During the three-hour game the participants had to recognize the damage, figure out how to remove the defects and – if possible – fix what is needed.

Throughout the day on the open-air stage on the Market Square concerts were held. Performances on stage ended with a few-minute spectacle prepared by Wataha Drums, with the participation of musicians-drummers, dancers and acrobats accompanied by synchronous animations.

Event: We care for Good Energy. 120 years of energy in Jaworzno

Client: Tauron Wytwarzanie SA

Date and place: August 31 – September 1, 2018, Jaworzno

Production: Olga Lany, Piotr Kucharski

Multimedia technology: Łukasz Borkowski, Adam Skoczeń, Krzysztof Mazia, Grzegorz Salwiński

Visual design: Maciej Mleczko

Animations: Olga Balowska, Robert Słowik

Cooperation: Event Show Group, Especto, Fosa, Light Move Festival, Karmazyn Fireshow, SCV, Cramer Art