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Why our events are so good?

We are a leading Polish company in the organization and complex production of events. Our major is large-scale shows using mapping technology.

Because we do not act according to the schemes

Because we appreciate the guests the most
Because we improvise only when all other methods fail...


We are not a typical event agency, but an experienced team of producers and multimedia technicianssupported by our own animation studio and an impressive ware house of high-quality equipment


New Year's Eve with Visualsupport

This time we spend New Year's Eve in Wroclaw at the invitation of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016!

Light Move Festival 2016

Once again Visualsupport was the technical partner of the Festival of Kinetic Art of Light in Lodz.
About us

Welcome to Visualsupport.

The Foundation in our company is one principle: "do the job you know the best" . Therefore we specialise in vast production of events, interactive technology, creation of content, technical support, implementation of multimedia. We always work on development of new projects, because our work is our passion

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