10. Sacrum Profanum

The Sacrum Profanum Festival is a festival of contemporary music, the premise of which is to present the works of outstanding composers according to a geographical key. Each subsequent edition is dedicated to music from a different country, and individual concerts are monographic presentations of the repertoire of outstanding contemporary music creators. Starting from the first edition in 2003, subsequent festivals were devoted to the music of Austria, France, Russia, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, the Nordic countries and American minimalists. The festival aims to blur the boundaries between contemporary music, often treated as difficult and incomprehensible, and the achievements of an ambitious entertainment and experimental scene. The adaptation of post-industrial spaces for concert interiors is also part of the festival concept. The 2012 edition had a jubilee dimension – it was on the 10th anniversary of the festival, which was realized under the slogan “Made in Poland” and entirely dedicated to Polish music.

Photos by Wojciech Wandzel

Event: 10 Sacrum Profanum
Client: Krakow Festival Office
Date and place: 9-17 September 2012, Kraków
Scope of works: Technika multimedialna