90 years of Polish volleyball successes

In May evenings at Kwiatowa Square in Katowice and 76 Piotrkowska Street in Katowice, several hundred faithful fans of Polish Volleyball participated in the action promoting the successor of the World League – the Volleyball League of Nations. The motto of the new competition formula is: “Be part of the game”. A spectacular action took place in two cities hosting the events of the League of Nations.

We have prepared two effective multimedia projections of 2D / 3D mapping technology. With the help of animation, we presented, among other things, 90 years of Polish volleyball successes. All people watching the show could actively participate in the animation and became a “part of the game”.

Event: Be part of the game – 90 years of Polish volleyball successes

Date and place: May 21-22, 2018, Katowice, Łódź

Client: Polish Volleyball Federation

Production: Magdalena Groblicka, Piotr Kucharski, Olga Lany

Animations: Marcin Bankok Bania, Olga Balowska, Robert Słowik

Sound: Marek Dragon Rajss

Multimedia technique: Łukasz Borkowski, Adam Skoczeń

Photos: PZPS