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50 min

3D mapping


artists on stage



The Alchemy of Light 2017

Several thousand people participated in two exciting shows organized by Visualsupport for TAURON Distribution, which took place in Katowice. Spectacular multimedia and animations, special effects, live music and dance enchanted the audience.

Alchemy of Light has once again proved to be a unique project combining modern visual arts: 3D mapping, light, laser and pyrotechnic displays, music and a variety of forms of theater. The monumental building of the Provincial Office turned out to be an excellent space for presentation of three-dimensional mapping, depicting the fight of the four elements – the theme of this year’s spectacle.

Original animations and light shows intertwined with live music, vocals and dance performances. We could admire more than 70 artists from different fields on stage: acrobats and dancers from the Art Color Ballet, musicians and singers – Dominika Barabas, Agnieszka Kiepuszewska, Motion Trio and Jelonek, as well as the creators of light, fire theater and laser show.

Alchemy of Light is a spectacle not only of artistic significance but above all of a unique technological level. The spectacle was supplied by ten top-quality multimedia projectors, six lasers with modern control systems, smoke generators and fire generators. The production and technical facilities of Alchemy of Light have brought production to a whole new level of laser technology.


Screenplay, production: Magdalena Groblicka, Olga Lany / Visualsupport

Organizational team: Piotr Kucharski, Magdalena Urbańska

Direction, staging: Magdalena Groblicka, Olga Lany, Agnieszka Glińska

Choreography, costumes, make-up: Agnieszka Glińska / Art Color Ballet

Libetto: Michał Zabłocki

Musical management, sound design: Marek Smok Rajss / 3D Sound Studio

Music arrangements: Dominika Barabas

Stage management: Stage Control

Multimedia: Visualsupport

Lighting: Especto

Sound: FS Audio

Lasers: Mediam

Pyrotechnics: Nakaja art

Cameras: 2Vision

Aggregates: Technostage

Stage constructions: VGC

Security of mass event: FOSA



Anna Dymna
Motion Trio
Art Color Ballet
Dominika Barabas
Agnieszka Kiepuszewska
Teatr Ognia Karmazyn
ETC – grupa akrobatyczna
Teatr Gry i Ludzie
Body Art Motion
Kwartet Smyczkowy Escape

Light Cast
Marcin Bania, Amadeusz Ferduła / Temporary Space Design
Olga Balowska
Robert Słowik

Photographers: Klaudyna Schubert, Szymon Kamykowski, Marcin Bania
Making of: Łukasz Czarnecki