Earth Particles

In the first days of December 2017 Leszek Możdżer together with the  Holland Baroque band set out on a nationwide tour promoting their latest album “Earth Particles”.

Visualsupport was invited to create a multimedia installation in POLIN in Warsaw inspired by the music of the artist.

The headquarters of the POLIN Museum is a simple from of concrete, covered with copper and glass. Inside, it surprises with a wavy, dynamic crack slicing the building along its entire length.  We used the characteristic, monumental glass entrance to the museum as a projection screen. We fully used its shape, but also the curvature of the internal walls on which we designed the lighting in harmony with the three-dimensional mapping.

Event: Premiere of Leszek Możdżer’s album “Earth Particles”
Data i miejsce: 6th December 2017, Polin, Warsaw
Zakres prac: 3D mapping projection, architectural illumination