80 m2

P3.9 LED screen




lectures and discussion panels



1st European Congress of Local Governments

2 days, 400 panellists, 600 participants, over 100 journalists, 5 thematic blocks, 63 lectures and discussion panels …
Over 80 meters of HD3 LED screen
5 seamless screens
An outstanding concert by Sinfonietta Cracovia in the visual setting of Atomy Studio
Kilometers of cables and countless hours of preparation

Behind us is the first European Congress of Local Governments.

Event: European Congress of Local Governments
Host: City of Krakow
Organizer: Institute for Eastern Studies
Date and place: May 2015, Krakow

Scope of work: multimedia technique, interactive presentation
Direction and production: Magdalena Groblicka
Co-production: Piotr Kucharski, Michał Płócienniak
Multimedia implementation: Łukasz Borkowski, Adam Tabak, Krzysztof Fusiara, Jacek Sehnal, Artur Musiał, Konrad Kubuśka, Tomek Słotwiński
Stage technique: Especto, Moov
Visual design: Atomy Studio

Stage manager: Kuba Lipski