Jubilee of independence in Katowice

With undisguised pleasure after a year, we returned to the Sejm Square of Silesia, where in 2017 we realized the Alchemy of Light. This time, at the request of Tauron Polska Energia and in cooperation with the Silesian Voivodship Office, we have prepared a solemn multimedia projection on the façade of the Silesian Parliment building.

The projection, specially prepared for the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, was accompanied by the performances of brass bands and fire theater shows.

Event: 100th jubilee of Poland’s regaining of Independence

Client: Tauron Polska Energia

Date and place: 10 November 2018, facade of the Silesian Sejm building in Katowice

Production: Olga Lany, Magdalena Groblicka, Piotr Kucharski

Animations: Olga Balowska, Sebastian Jachimowicz

Multimedia technique: Łukasz Borkowski, Adam Skoczeń, Krzysztof Fusiara, Grzegorz Salwiński, Robert Sroka

Cooperation: STO Lighting Technology Studio