Oknoplast 360˚

OKNOPLAST Group, a leading European PVC windows producer organized the unique and extraordinary multimedia media event – the premiere of PIXEL windows. Unique design of a new product sophisticated, angular shape was presented during the spectacular event in the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdansk.

During the event all the guests were surrounded by the breathtaking multimedia presentations and mapping 360°. The meeting was honored by the artistic team performance Mira-Art, using the symbols of pixels referring to the new product of OKNOPLAST. Guests could also enjoy the unusual exhibition of works by Jacek Sroka. The culmination of a event was the concert of Polish band Bokka.

Organizer: Oknoplast Group

Executive Producer: Event-Factory Krakow

Launch of the product Producer: Michał Stopa

Author of the concept: Streamline Media Productions

Event 360 Director: Grzegorz Kupiec

Multimedia technologies:  Visualsupport

Making of: Łukasz Czarnecki