The opening of the production hall of Heerema Group

In Visualsupport we like the projects that are not only a challenge for us in terms of multimedia technology but also make us learned every day something new. This time we think we got known everything about the production of … drilling platforms !

And all that thanks to the grat opening ceremony of a modern and eco- manufacturing plant of HFG Poland ( Heerema Group – a world leader in the design and manufacture of the platforms used for the extraction of oil or gas oil) in Opole, we had the pleasure to co-operate.

We prepared a multimedia show in a huge hall, which will produce primarily elements of drilling platforms used in the North Sea. We had a pleasure to present the 3D stage mapping – visual, very impressive multimedia performance displayed on a large screen created in 3D animation technique. Moreover, we were also responsible for the entire event visual support and for the preparation of the films depicting the various stages of production.

Event: The opening ceremony of the new production hall

Client: MSBC Agency for HFG Poland (Heerema Group)

Date and venue: November 2013, Opole

Scope of work: multimedia technology, visuals, 3D stage mapping

Production managment: Magdalena Groblicka, Michael Płócienniak

Multimedia realization: Adam Tabak

Artistic managment: Anna Rezner, Slawek Fafara

Multimedia artists of ATOMY STUDIO (Visualsupport Group): Damian Bogusiak, Wojciech Brzozowski, Sebastian Jachimowicz, Robert Słowik, Sławek Fąfara