Polish premiere of Mercedes Citan

The autumn premiere of the Citan Mercedes was probably one of the most interesting events that we have produced. Thanks to the crazy idea of ​​the Eskadra Group, we took part in an unofficial beating of the world record in … setting up the Gala in the shortest time ever. 11 Citan Mercedes cars, 189 waiters, acrobats, stuntmen, musicians, dancers and technicians, 20 tons of equipment and food, 530 guests and one stopwatch. 14 minutes 45 seconds – only this short time wwe had to prepare an unique premiere of the car in front of the guests eyes.

A huge MT Polska hall, a courageous customer, a crazy idea. Effect? Golden Arrow 2013 for the Event of the Year in the Open category (Golden Arrow 2013)

Photographic documentation: Eskadra Group

Event: The Polish premiere of the Mercedes Citan

Client: Mercedes Benz

Agency: Eskadra Group

Director: Mateusz Zmyślony

Date and place: October 2012, Warsaw

Scope of work: multimedia technique, multimedia direction, visual setting