Light in the park – illuminations in Małopolska

Throughout the spring-summer season of 2018, together with the Creative Group 303, we traveled hundreds of miles to visit cities and towns in Lesser Poland to be enchanted with light by Tauron Dystrybucja. In each of the amazing places we had the opportunity to meet, we were preparing colorful multimedia projections on the most interesting buildings, castles, town halls, and cultural centers.

We started our luminous tour in Oleśnica to visit Bolków, Żywiec, Zebrzydowice, Olesno and Tuchów in turn.

Event: Light on the park

Client: Creative Group 303 for Tauron Dystrybucja

Production: Magdalena Groblicka, Piotr Kucharski, Olga Lany

Multimedia technique: Visualsupport

Animations: Olga Balowska

Pictures: Klaudyna Schubert, Jan Ulicki