Intercars Gala

3 days of montage and calibration
2 days event
48m2 of LED screen HD7
6 multimedia projectors
over 150m2 of projected images
5km of wires
9 people Visualsupport team

It was our squad for Great Rally of Garage Masters 2014 by Intercars

All the special stages drove by on the full throttle. All the levels of rally passed with great success and with a superb companion of polish music scene stars.
Our first start on Grat Rally we consider as well played.

Event: Doroczna Gala Mistrzów Warsztatu Intercars
Client: Intercars
Agency: MplusM Event Marketing
Technical production: VeryGoodCompany
Date and venue: Czerwiec 2014, Mikołajki
Job description: Oprawa wizualna, technika multimedialna
Multimedia realisation: Adam Tabak, Łukasz Borkowski, Krzysztof Fusiara, Sebastian Jachimowicz, Jacek Sehnal, Tomek Słotwiński
Artistic projects coordination: Anna Rezner
Multimedia artists ATOMY STUDIO (Visualsupport Group): Damian Bogusiak, Wojciech Brzozowski, Sebastian Jachimowicz, Robert Słowik, Sławek Fąfara, Olga Balowska
Project coordination: Magdalena Groblicka, Michał Płócienniak