20th Economic Forum

Organized for over 20 years the most important economic conference in Central and Eastern Europe, during which presidents, heads of government, ministers, EU commissioners, representatives of the largest concerns and analytical centers meet. For 5 years, the production and directing of this event was in the hands of Magdalena Groblicka.

Visualsupport was responsible for the multimedia setting of Economic Forum and production of 3D mapping for the City of Krakow, live video cameras broadcast, production of the gala award ceremony, organization and production of the Krakow evening – the largest informal meeting “after hours”.

Event: Economic Forum
Organizer: Institute for Eastern Studies
Client: City of Krakow, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Kompania Węglowa
Date and place: September, 2010, Krynica Zdrój
Production and direction: Magdalena Groblicka