Barco HDX-W20

The HDX-W20 FLEX is the most compact and rugged projector that offers up to 20,000 lumens light output. One of its most striking features is that it is standard equipped with the light-on-demand option for flexible light output. Thanks to the light-on-demand feature, you can fully tune the light output of the projector to your event. It can be programmed to a light output of 10,000 to 20,000 lumens in 2,000 incremental steps. Rental companies now have the flexibility to offer their customers the light output they want.

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Projector type : WUXGA 3-Chip DLP
Technology 0.96″ DMD x 3
Resolution 1,920 x 1,200
Aspect ratio 16:10
Brightness ( lumens) 20000
Contrast ratio 1,850:1
Light source 2.5 kW Xenon
Light source lifetime (hrs) 1000
Max. power consumption (W) 2850
Noise level (dB) 53
Weight (kg) : 50


Available lenses :


Model Projection ratio
Barco TLD+ 0,67 0.67:1
Barco TLD+ 0,8-1,16 0.85-1.24
Barco TLD+ 1,16-1,49 1.16-1.49
Barco TLD+ 1,39-1,87 1.39-1.87
Barco TLD+ 1,87-2,56 1.87-2.56
Barco TLD+ 2,56-4,17 2.56-4.17
Barco TLD+ 4,17-6,95 4.17-6.95