Infiled AR P5.9

VISUALSUPPORT, one of Europe’s leading multimedia providers of services and solutions in entertainment and events, proudly presents the new INFiLED AR series P5.9 display – the most user-friendly and the simplest tile ever designed to minimise the set-up time and boost the efficiency of your team.
This lightweight yet robust, high-performance LED solution is suitable for a wide range of both outdoor and indoor fields, including entertainment stages, digital art installations, large conference forums, exhibition halls, product launches and other occasions.But what makes this product really noteworthy? The most important feature and asset of the AR Series is simplicity.

The AR Series has been designed to be frequently assembled and disassembled for repeated use, which requires the best components, high convenience, durability and safety of products.
The new advanced panels feature magnets on the top and bottom of the frame to pre-lock the cabinets, as well as positioning pins for quick and easy alignment. The panels are equipped with ergonomic handles for easy manoeuvring. Climbing handles allow for fast access and maintenance during large scale applications.
The AR Series cabinets come in both front and rear servicing versions. Tiles have a one-piece central unit box with a power supply, receiving card and HUB – no tools required. The panels come with neutrik connectors.
The screen provides exceptional and vivid image quality with high brightness, high refresh rate by using good drivers and thanks to the small lamps high contrast under any light conditions. The high quality of the screen is also due to the Novastar A8s receiving cards. One of the main advantages of the AR Series P 5.9 screen is flexibility: you can build both a flat screen and a very precisely curved surface. The Angle Coupler for concave and convex angles can reach up to 10 degrees with 11 steps. The additional 3rd lock in curved tiles designed in collaboration with Visualsupport guarantees that even the largest screen will be super flat.

The 90-degree solution makes it possible to create unusual projects, as you can choose from a wide range of frames with the same components:
– 50x50cm or 50×100 cm, straight or curved,
– 50x50cm or 50×100 cm, left and right corners.

Additional structure reinforcement specially designed at Visualsupport’s request makes the AR Series P 5.9 truly perfect for all large scale projects with a suspension height limit of 17 m and a 10 times safety ratio.
At Visualsupport, quality really matters, so come and personally experience and operate the AR Series to feel the convenience, stability and power of technology.


Model Infiled AR P5.9
Technology SMD
Pixel density (1m.) 168×168
Cabinet size (cm) 100×50 / 50×50
Brightness (cd/m.) 5000
Refresh rate (Hz) 3840
Grey level (bit) 16
Cabinet weight (kg) 13,3 (50×100)
8 (50×50)
Max energy consumption for 1 cabinet (W) 270
Avarage energy consumption for one cabinet (W) 90
Cabinet thickness (cm) 66
Material Magnesium
Environment Outdoor
Resistance / ingress protection IP65
Curvable (degrees) -10/ +10
Maintenance Front / Rear
Magnetic modules Yes (with locks)