Infiled AR P5.9

Infiled AR series P5.9  – most user-friendly and simple tile ever made.

Besides the great tiles design, the most important utility and value of this product is the simplicity.
Thanks to the built-in magnets, assembly of tiles is twice faster than standard product, which allows to reduce labor costs effectively.
One-piece central unit box, user-friendly locks, quality of used components, front and rear service option, climbing handles and curving option – all this make the AR series noteworthy product.
Additional structure reinforcement designed specially on Visualsupport requests makes AR series P5.9 truly perfect for all large scale projects.


Model Infiled AR P5.9
Technology SMD
Pixel density (1m.) 168×168
Cabinet size (cm) 100×50 / 50×50
Brightness (cd/m.) 5000
Refresh rate (Hz) 3840
Grey level (bit) 16
Cabinet weight (kg) 13,3 (50×100)
8 (50×50)
Max energy consumption for 1 cabinet (W) 270
Avarage energy consumption for one cabinet (W) 90
Cabinet thickness (cm) 66
Material Magnesium
Environment Outdoor
Resistance / ingress protection IP65
Curvable (degrees) -10/ +10
Maintenance Front / Rear
Magnetic modules Yes (with locks)