Interactive pyramid 24″

The unique holographic pyramid, designed and created by us, not only allows to display the three-dimensional objects but also can work with the real items placed inside of it. However, the real revolution is not the holographic effect we managed to achieve but the interactive feature of the device. Touch screen as a an integral part of the pyramid allows the user to manage the displayed information. Due to this, the user can both watch the selected product and easily decide what data does he want to get to know.

Visualsupport provides the full graphic, technical and programming support to use the pyramid in the most effective way. Minimal design and the advanced technology make the holographic pyramid a perfect tool for all kinds of product presentations during trade fairs or exhibitions.

The advanced interactive user interface makes the device not only visually attractive and eye-catching but also very effective promotional tool.


– Displaying holographic 3D models

– Possibility to place the real objects inside

– The ability to view displayed objects from 3 sides

– Control the content using the touch screen

– Individual application

– Ability to use the motion detection to control

– Minimalist design

– Advanced technology