Analog Way Orchestra

The ORCHESTRA ORC50 by Analog Way is an ergonomic remote controller designed to independently or simultaneously manage several switchers, such as the Di-VentiX II or OPS200 and OPS300 systems. It can manage the switches either as standalone boxes or in any combination, including soft-edge blending configurations. Use this solution to program and manage multi-screen events and presentations.


  • The Orchestra ORC50 can control:
    • DVX8044: Di-VentiX II
    • EKS500: Eikos
    • EKS400: Eikos LE
    • OPS300: OPS300
    • OPS200: OPS200
    • SMX200: Smart MatriX
    • SMX100: Smart MatriX LE
    • PLS300: Pulse
    • SVU300: SmartVu
    • SVU200: SmartVu LE