Sanyo DHT8000 L

This projector Sanyo DHT8000 L is designed to handle 1080p HD image projection in demanding situations such as specialized design fields or CAD applications. It features two different types of user-changeable color wheels: a 6-segment color wheel for rich color reproduction, and a 4-segment wheel for higher brightness. In addition, optimal brightness and contrast are maintained by a cooling system designed to prevent dust build-up. The projector’s Edge Blending function allows virtually boundary-free images with multi-image display possibilities, and a built-in Color Matching function corrects variations in color reproduction when using more than one projector. Two images can be projected simultaneously with built-in picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture modes. The PDG-DHT8000L pairs well with Sanyo’s LNS-W52 0.8 fixed DLP lens, as well as a variety of other optional interchangeable lenses. Note that the PDG-DHT8000L is comparable to Christie Digital’s DHD800.


Producent : Sanyo
Model : DHT8000 L
Projector type : 1Chip DLP
Technology 0.95 cala
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect ratio 16:9
Brightness ( lumens) 8000
Contrast ratio 7500:1
Light source 2 x lampa 660 W
Light source lifetime (hrs) 2000
Max. power consumption (W) 917
Noise level (dB) 38
Weight (kg) : 19,6


Available lenses:

Sanyo LNS-W52 0,8
Sanyo LNS-W53 1,2 – 1,8
Sanyo LNS-S51 1,8 – 2,8
Sanyo LNS-T51 4,8 – 8,0