Unilumin Unano 1.8

The flagship Unilumin cabinet is now available in Europe. With a pixel distance of only 1.8 mm, Unano is one of the highest resolution displays on the rental market, which in addition to low power consumption, incorporates an automatic calibration function and high grayscale with HDR processing capabilities. This innovative 1.8 mm Led panel allows a high quality close view, especially suitable for application in events, exhibitions, conferences, etc. These modules offer a wide range of colors, an 8:9 aspect ratio and can be curved up to 6 degrees.


Technology 3 in 1 – SMD
Pixel density (1m.) 550 x 550
Cabinet size (cm) 44,28 x 49,8
Brightness (cd/m.) 800
Refresh rate (Hz) 1920
Grey level (bit) NA
Cabinet weight (kg) 7
Max energy consumption      for 1 cabinet (W) 150
Avarage energy consumption for one cabinet (W) 50
Cabinet thickness (cm) 6,2
Material Die-casting Aluminimum
Environment Indoor
Resistance / ingress protection IP50
Curvable (degrees) Concave up to 6°
Maintenance Front / Rear
Magnetic modules YES