Unilumin Unano 1.8

We are proud to present, as the first in Europe, our latest product – Unilumin Unano. This innovative LED panel provides the highest quality and the best visual experience thanks to the small distance between the pixels – 1.8 mm.

The panel offers incredible color depth and contrast thanks to 4K HDR and 24-bit grayscale. A novelty is the aspect ratio( 8:9) of the panel, thanks to which we can build a 16: 9 screen with HD, 4K or 8K native resolution image with no scaling required.
An additional advantage of the screen is the possibility of curving up to 3 degrees.

In accordance with the standards in force, the panels are equipped with precise magnets that facilitate the installation of the screen and the automatic calibration function. Individual panel modules can only be replaced from the front. From the rear, we have access to the central unit, the replacement of which takes only 10 seconds. Additionally, Unilumin has equipped Unano with an edge protection system, which should effectively prevent pixel damage during assembly / disassembly.

In addition, the panels are covered with a special “COS” (Coating on Surface), which relieve the visual fatigue, as well as protects against physical damage and water.

This high-quality screen is perfect for a TV studio, exhibition stand or conference.
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Technology 3-in-1 Black SMD
Pixel density (1m.) 293,769
Cabinet size (cm) 44,28 x 49,8
Brightness (cd/m.) 800
Refresh rate (Hz) 1920
Grey level (bit) 24
Cabinet weight (kg) 7
Max energy consumption      for 1 cabinet (W) 150
Avarage energy consumption for one cabinet (W) 50
Cabinet thickness (cm) 6,2
Material Die-casting Aluminimum
Environment Indoor
Resistance / ingress protection IP50
Curvable (degrees) Concave up to 6°
Maintenance Front / Rear
Magnetic modules YES