Event: HistoryLand in Krakow

Date and place: since November 2017, Krakow

Scope of work: multimedia technology

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Event: VIVE Group at Pol-Eco System

Date and place: 17th-19th Oct 2017, MT Poznań

Scope of work: executive production, interactive app, multimedia devices

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Event: 3rd European Congress of Local Governments

Date and place: 27-28th May 2017, Krakow, ICE Congress Centre

Scope of work: technical production & multimedia

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Event: Liger: Gala of the 10th anniversary

Date and place: 17th December 2016, Krakow

Scope of work: interactive show interaktywne, multimedia technology, mapping projection

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Event: Oknoplast: 10 years at the Italian market

Date and place: March 2016, Venice, Italy

Scope of work: interactive presentation, multimedia technology

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Event: Interactive Hyundai Tucson Premiere

Date and place: august, 2015

Scope of work: interactive presentation, multimedia technique

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Event: Oknoplast: Space fans

Date and place: Apr 2015, Kraków

Scope of work: multimedia technology, interactive presentation

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Event: International Children’s Day with Kubus

Date and place: Junec 2013, Kubicki Arcades, Royal Castle, Warszawa

Scope of work: technique and multimedia direction

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